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Hive Alive

Book now for your Lecture in Troway Hall’s Log Cabin Lecture Theatre – called “HIVE ALIVE” !!!

If you have a group – or can arrange to bring along 12 to 50 people – Gloria Havenhand will astound you with her vibrant lecture on “Your Health – How Bees Can Help”. How bees charge our health, food supply and our very existence. Honey tasting – the Hive springs eternal. Tea/Coffee and biscuits (buffet by request) – our pleasure to serve. Unique Bee shop on site – over 40 natural products.
PHONE   01246 292425/413809   – to fix the date.

Latest News

Honey – Nature's Golden Healer book by Gloria Havenhand

Gloria Havenhand's new book is now available to order:
Honey – Nature’s Golden Healer

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Latest News

Gloria Havenhand talking on Radio 4 live from The National Honey Show – learn about the medicinal benefits of beehive products!

Listen Gloria on Radio 4


The Wonderful Beehive –
Nature’s own nutrient bounty!


Medibee has two bee farms in the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire with ancient wild flower meadows, woodlands and heather moorlands. Medibee specialises in antibacterial honey which arises not just from the exceptional environment that millions of bees enjoy, but the gums and resins from ancient hedgerows which wind for miles in and around our wonderful valleys.


Examine the photos below and gasp at the wild flowers, phacelia and borage herbs from which the bees avidly seek delicious nectar – alllowing you to enjoy a multitude of sparkling and spectacular Bio-Active honeys.



Many stores nationwide now stock Medibee Antibacterial Honey

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medibee honey products from the heart of Derbyshire


Buy 6 jars of Antibacterial Honey and pay the same postage as for 3 jars – a saving of £6.60!

Courier Service, tracked and traced, next day delivery!

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bioactive healing honey

It is therefore not surprising that this special environment contributes to this exclusive honey – unique to the Northern Hemisphere.


High antibacterial bioactive honey is a rarity – Medibee’s Bee Bio-Active Antibacterial Honey is not only awesome to taste, but is probably the best honey you can buy. Only the best quality raw and unprocessed honey reaches you in the jar – whether to eat on toast, pour on cereal or just enjoy by the spoonful! Medibee Antibacterial Honey is modest in price too, only £7.00 per jar – wow! At the same time, you know that other brands and rivals will cost between two and three times this price – what more could you want?



Just a small selection of Medibee natural beehive products – see our product page for our extensive range. Remember that the beehive is sensational against airborne or seasonal allergies. Airborne pollen and its irritation on the eyes, nose and throat during the summer months is a thing of the past with Medibee Famous Pollen Capsules. Skin allergies can be a problem at this time too – why not treat yourself to Medibee Propolis Cream – which is ‘spot-on’ for acne, psoriasis, eczema and other random rashes – try them!

MediBee brings you these wonderful products by mail order, by phone or securely online – and of course the Honey Shop at Troway Hall – besides selected retail outlets up and down the country.


If in any doubt or need info on your nearest stockist just phone MediBee on
01246 29 24 25.


Our ancient wild flower meadows are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) and monitored by English Nature –in beautiful N E Derbyshire

A rare environment in the 21st century!


tree felling at troway hall

Troway Hall’s Forests are being felled – and the newly emerged bees are so excited to recover the gums and resins from them – they are bringing loads of propolis resin back to the hive – JUST FOR YOU – JUST AS NATURE INTENDED!!


For every tree felled – 2 more are planted back for the years and decades to come. Natural really does mean NATURAL and SO MUCH MORE – at Troway Hall .

Do come and visit.


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*Medibee Ltd and Medifoods Ltd are the trading names of Troway Hall’s Beehive Products.



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