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Pollen and You!

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High pollen counts are here – and 15 million other adults and children in the UK. Pollen from trees, plants and grasses does not just have a cost to you physically i.e. sneezing, runny nose, swollen eyes etc – it has a high cost to your life in general.


Costly for students

did you know that "75% of you are expected to drop a grade during exams because of pollen allergy"
source: The Times


Costly - with millions of days off work.

Medibee Pollen Capsules – with no side effects as expected with normal over-the-counter medication.


From February onwards airborne pollen is seen in clouds – not just throughout the UK but forming an avalanche from Scandinavia especially, rendering you and millions of others in the UK to your knees.



Bees do not suffer from hayfever or other allergies!



Medibee Bee Pollen is not the same as allergic pollen from flowers and grass. Bee pollen has been sythesised by millions of bees, who have added their own special secreations which will help you when high pollen counts prevail i.e. during spring and summer when sufferers run for cover!




pollen releaseAlert ! alert! alert! – help yourself by drying your sheets and clothes indoors – never hang clothes outside to dry in summer!!!



About our products

Our bees enjoy and prosper on a multitude of floral sources and ancient meadows, which support over 200 species of wild flowers and herbs – avidly protected by English Nature!
(a rare environment in the 21st century).


MediBee’s Famous Bee Pollen Capsules should be taken on a daily basis (3–5 daily) and certainly until October is essential.


A pot of capsules will last approx. 3 weeks – taking 3/5 capsules daily.

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