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Brother Adam’s® pure Botanical Honey



Brother Adam's® Pure Botanical Honey has an exceptional taste which reflects the sunburst radiance of a summer's morning. It is the essence of a traditional honey!


This outstanding honey has different levels of taste – starting frm sunburst to fruity to absolutely sublime - you'll have tasted nothing quite like this special honey!


brother adam's pure botanical honeyJust like Brother Adam – the Bee Master of Legend - our traditional methods of beecraft ensure this honey comes to you as pure as the bees intended – nothing added, nothing taken away!


Brother Adam's® Botanical Honey echos the taste of floral bliss - its secret known only to the bees. You will gasp in acknowledgement - enjoy 2-3 teaspoons per day on toast, in yoghurt or just as it comes straight from the jar.


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Brother Adam’s® pure Botanical Honey

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