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Olive Oil from Majorca

Gorgeous olive oil from our farm in Mallorca


Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil – No Refinement processes – No additives




Straight from natural olive groves based around the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the northern mountains of Majorca- the Serra de Tramuntana.



The olives are supplied with water from natural spring mineral water.  

Mains water is a “no-no” – no Chlorine, No Fluoride.

Nearby are the Ses Fonts Ufanes which are a hydro-geological phenomenon that is directly related to the rainfall in town of Campanet with underground water flowing from the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains to the Sant Miquel stream.


Olives from mature olive trees, some up to 200 years of age. 


Harvested by hand and taken to the oil press. Our picual olives are the culmination of a year of the olive growers efforts and the careful picking by the olive harvesters.

As nature intended, from our olive groves to your table.



The olives are milled at the end of each working day just hours after the fruits have been harvested. This retains all the oils organoleptic and nutritional constituents.

Watch the Video below to see how our olives are collected and then made into oil….




The Picual olive produces an Extra Virgin Olive Oil deep green in colour.

Picual olive oil is one of the most healthy olive oil varieties.


The oil is cold extracted, to conserve all its natural properties including the oleic acid content. Medioil is a natural source of Vitamin E.


Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is most suitable to be used in the kitchen to cook at high temperatures, as it keeps and maintains its chemical properties. Can be reused time and time again.


A study revealed in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that the extra virgin olive oil retained most of its healthful polyphenols even after heating for an extremely long period of time, 356°F (180 °C) for 36 hours.


Tasting Notes: Herbaceous aromas such as olive, grass, fig and tomato.

Use for cooking and frying: meats and fish

Use with: cheeses, salads, tomato, breads and mucho mas ! (much more!).

Drizzle on salads and pasta. Adopt a Mediterranean way of a healthy life – enjoy at least 1 tablespoon of Medi Oil every day.


Storage: Please keep away from heat and light. Keep away from oven’s and from windows. Store in a dark cupboard if possible





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