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Brother Adam's Pure Botanical Honey


Brother Adam’s® Pure Botanical Honey has an exceptional taste which reflects the sunburst radiance of a summer’s morning. It is the essence of a traditional honey and more!

This outstanding honey has different levels of taste – starting from sunburst to fruity to absolutely sublime – you’ll have tasted nothing quite like this special honey!

Just like Brother Adam (follow link):,developer%20of%20the%20Buckfast%20bee.the Bee Master of Legend – of Buckfast Abbey our traditional methods of beecraft ensure this honey comes to you as pure as the bees intended – nothing added, nothing taken away!

Brother Adam’s® Botanical Honey echoes the taste of floral bliss – its secret known only to the bees. You will gasp in acknowledgement – enjoy 2-3 teaspoons per day on toast, in yoghurt or just as it comes straight from the jar.



Note the circle of natural pollens on the top of the honey.

Can you wait to taste?

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