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British Christmas Tree Growers Association

‘I wouldn’t venture onto the tees without my MediBees!’

‘MediBee’s Pollen Capsules are the most helpful natural product for the outdoor life’ ..Mark Roe – Professional European Tournament Golfer

‘Years of itching - Years of NO RESULTS FROM DOCTORS!!!’

I am 81 years of age – have had every treatment for my condition from my doctor for over 5 years – and I mean EVERY TREATMENT! I read Honey by Gloria Havenhand – and I thought – I have nothing to lose – I will order the Propolis Cream!!

After a few weeks – Unbelievably – I am clear!!!
I want everyone to know just how wonderful Medibee Bee Products are!!!
Contact me if you wish, Medibee has my details.
..Mrs Satchwell, Nuneaton – aged 81

‘Just out of this world’

Lesley from Salford has just phoned to extol every compliment to Medibee Pollen Capsules. She’s over 40, tried everything (even injections) and cannot believe the relief she now has from hayfever. She’s gone the extra mile and has now put both her dogs on Pollen Capsules as they too are sneezing and suffering badly from the rape fields around...Lesley – Salford

'Andy declares Medibee saved his leg'

Andy was distraught – his inflamed and eroded skin around his ankle was causing desperate pain and – worrying him sick!!

The hospital had given him antibiotics – to no avail.
He was recommended to have surgery – to clean and relieve (caused by an ant attack by the way in Malta) – even then – there were no promises.
Then he met Medibee!!!
After 3 weeks of the application of Honey – it had almost dried up – the itching and pain almost ceased. He then applied Propolis Cream 3 times a day for the next 6 weeks.
All healed – all pain free – he is now worry free too. Feel free to ring him!!
The bees did what the NHS did not – over months of suffering.
Andy Probert, Proglass Ltd, Chesterfield (OWNER)

'My condition now undetectable'

‘I’ve tried everything – with no success – so I expected nothing much from Medibee Propolis Cream. Wow – within days, my sore and flaking my condition was undetectable. This stuff is truly marvellous. I still use it 2-3 times / week – just to make sure!..Christine Shaw – Stratford-On-Avon

'Wanted to leave country - hayfever so bad'

‘I’ve tried everything – with no success – so I expected nothing much from Medibee Propolis Cream. Wow – within days, my sore and flaking my condition was undetectable. This stuff is truly marvellous. I still use it 2-3 times / week – just to make sure!..Christine Shaw – Stratford-On-Avon

'It's a Miracle just a miracle'

‘Never ever can I thank Medibee’s Bee pollen capsules enough.
I was ready to emigrate – I was in meltdown with this grim torture of hayfever every hour in summer. Iam 99% clear – thanks to Medibee’
John Krouse, Old Trafford, Manchester

‘Changed my Life!’

‘One of my 11 year twin son’s has suffered the most appalling hayfever for long enough. Within 2 days with Medibee Pollen Capsules – he is clear!! Yes Clear!”
My husband, a pharmacist, is now stocking them in his Croydon Shop – he was sceptical – no longer .
He wants everyone to take the benefit from this astonishing hayfever remedy.’ Mrs Patel, Larchwood Pharmacy, 215 Lower Addiscombe Rd., Croydon CR0 6RB

‘Struggled for 10 Years’

‘My religion follows the bee. I should have followed this advice earlier as I have been spending summer indoors. I come specially to Troway Hall to collect my Medibee Pollen Capsules in bulk and fetch all the family their most natural and delicious honey. All this has changed my life!!‘..Mr. I. Younis – Birmingham

‘Health Visitor in Better Health’

‘I am a Team Leader with a leading logistics company and look forward to Summer and my love of the outdoors. I cannot believe Medibee Pollen Capsules have totally changed my summers and life in general. I started to take 4 capsules daily in May 2007 and have hardly been affected since‘..Mr B. Maitland – Dunstable

‘Changed my summer’

‘I started taking Medibee Pollen Capsules for the first time at the beginning of May. At that time, I had severe symptoms. I now feel better than I have ever felt.

I cannot believe that I did not discover Medibees years ago! ..
Kate Hawksworth,Health Visitor,Langwith.

‘It’s Medibee for me!’

‘MediBee Pollen Capsules were recommended to me last year for the first time, they have changed my summers – my thanks ’ ..Mr Marriot, Camberley, Surrey

‘Father and Son over The Moon’

‘Your pollen capsules worked within one day – I can open my eyes and have stopped sneezing. I am truly amazed also with the Propolis cream – my condition is visually losing its redness and soreness. Impressive when you know that I have had hayfever all my life and nothing has worked. It’s Medibee for me!’ ..Gillian Cairns – Fife, Scotland

‘Super – absolutely super’

‘Toby Hawkins (6yrs) was persuaded to take Medibee Pollen Capsules, when his father had a hayfever-free season for the first time in his life (tried everything) whilst Toby was still spluttering, had swollen eyes and could not bear the family holiday in France.
Mother, Nicola exclaims ‘why isn’t everyone on these capsules – they are natural and do a fabulous job – at little or no cost in comparison to other inferior treatments’ 
..Nicola Hawkins – Totley, Peak District.

‘Had mouth ulcers for years’

‘This is my fifth year on your Pollen Capsules – I recommend them to everybody’ ..Mr D Melloy – Staffordshire

‘Nurse turns from medication to Propolis Skin Cream’

‘Cannot believe what has happened to me, I can now speak to people without being self conscious. I never expected the Bee Bioactive Honey to work as wonderfully as it has. I now have no mouth ulcers – but I still ensure that I have your honey every day of my life – thankyou Medibee.’ ..Mrs Carol Needham – Halfway, Yorkshire

‘Nurse turns from medication to Propolis Skin Cream’

‘I lost part of my big toe nail.
Nothing prescribed has worked – except Medibee’s marvellous Propolis Cream. The nail is improving.What a fantastic product – thankyou bees!’ 
Bridget Manning, Sheffield.

‘Had 20 Prostate Biopsies’

‘I had waterworks problems – I dare not go out with my wife just in case I was put in an awkward position.
Having had 20 biopsies – no surgery went ahead as my prostate gland shrank to a normal size.
The doctor thinks it is a fluke – I certainly do not!
Medibee Bee Male has been a dream for me – I recommend it with all my heart to any man!’

‘Amazing Freedom of Hayfever in London!’

‘Just had to tell you that the Best Summer for me is N-O-W! What a difference! Unbelievable for me – so come on all you Hayfever sufferers – Get Relief in the High Proportion that I am experiencing ! Thankyou Medibee – and all your Natural Bee Products!’ ..Simon Barber – Hoxton Square, London

‘I was badly asthmatic and hayfever too’

‘Being a young (21yrs) semi professional Trials rider – I couldn’t take any more. It was even worse trialling in other countries like France and Finland. I couldn’t see!
Medibee Pollen Capsules have saved my lifestyle- I recommend them to all my mates and even fellow competitors.’ 
..Jordan Gould – a grateful Yorkshire Trials Biker

‘It is so damp in Cumbria - but your products are...’

‘Wonderful – just wonderful – with excellent ‘next day’ delivery service to boot!’ ..Mrs A Jamieson – B & B Owner, Keswick, Cumbria

‘Tried everything and I mean everything’

‘Medibee Pollen Capsules are just fantastic, I must say unbelievable, especially when you know that I was on Telfast 120mg before relying on your super Pollen Capsules – this is my third marvellous year.’ ..Dean Osborn , West Handley, Derbyshire (Product Designer for disabled children).

‘I’m a diabetic and my toe would not heal’

‘I used antiseptics on an injury to one of my toes – with no success. I bought Medibee Bee Bioactive Honey and applied it twice daily on a square of lint, within a week the sore had stopped weeping and by the second week, it was fully healed. I recommend it without hesitation to anyone for external use – especially if they are a diabetic’ ..Angela Dunne – Corby, Northants

' ‘They are out of this world’

‘My small son and I have taken Medibee Pollen Capsules with the most amazing results, I cannot praise them enough – they have changed my life’ ..Mrs Bayton – Abertillery, Gwent, Wales

‘What an immense difference...’

‘Had them last year – I’m back for more this year, your Pollen Capsules are working – I can tell you’ ..Mrs A Calley – Derbyshire

‘I would have given up my job without them’

‘This is my 5th year on your Pollen Capsules, they have been the ‘bees-knees’ for me and for keeping my job. The area grows a lot of rape – need I say more? Thankyou MediBee. ..Lynne Hartley – Farm Shop near J.30 M1

‘Not just very good...’

‘It’s worth the 250 mile journey to collect Medibee Pollen Capsules for hayfever from your bee centre’
R Brusell – Newmarket – Cambridgshire

‘Could not leave the house’

‘Previously I have spent summer months entombed in the house. Now I enjoy summer and am back for more Pollen Capsules this year’ ..Mrs N Staley – Beighton, South Yorkshire

‘They're amazing!’

‘Just amazing , I now go outside in summer – I can actually enjoy our beautiful countryside’.. Andrew Barker – Hertfordshire..

‘Facial red patches ’

‘I’ve had the lot – steroid tables and creams without success for the red patches that flare on my face. Within a week of using Medibee Propolis Cream they have disappeared almost entirely. I either order by post or come especially from Lancashire to collect this wonderful cream.’ ..Mrs K Corrigan, Bolton, Lancs.

‘Bioactive Honey in Carlisle’

‘It’s so good, my local deli ‘The Laird’s Larder’ is now stocking it and all my friends rave about it. It’s tastier, cheaper and very health giving.’ ..Mrs V M Sunley, Harroby, Carlisle.

‘Medibee Bio Active Honey v Manuka 10...’

‘Medibee Bioactive Honey is 100% nicer in taste than Manuka – which I found to be sludgy in texture – is hard to swallow – nothing like the Medibee Bio Active Honey. Try Medibee Bioactive Honey – Same Antibacterial Rating as Manuka 10 – one third the price and absolutely d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!’
Barbara Ferguson – Sheffield

‘Urination is much easier, can't believe it’

‘Bee Male is better than anything I have tried, I feel better and find that my days are far more relaxed, not having to worry about my internal water-works ’
Mr John Sharp – Killamarsh, Sheffield (Health & Management Manager)

‘The London Marathon’

‘I am a dispatch rider in London and have taken Medibee Pollen Capsules in all its forms for long term release of energy. I use Redbee and Bee Activ. It gives me the ‘get up and go’ for 4 to 5 hours – and it’s all from completely natural products. Thankyou Medibee’ ..Dave Walker – dressed as Spiderman in the LM.