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Two Bumper packets of Bee loving flowering plants ‒ nectar and pollen rich. Plant now ‒ and your whole Summer will be enriched and enjoyed with the perpetual humming of Bumble bees (mornings especially) ‒ and Honey bees throughout the afternoons.


L-o-n-g flowering period – 8-10 weeks – flowers incessantly – all types of bees buzzing here! 50-60cm – bees sip nectar for weeks Phacelia attracts hoverflies too – these gobble aphids in your garden! That’s Biological Control too – for free!! Sow seeds 1cm UNDER soil – in sunlight (Mar-Aug). Sow by 08/14. Bumper number of seeds to make a haven for bees – ( av 200 seeds)

Borage (Starflower)

Bright blue with copious flowers – 50-60 cm Bees find borage irresistible. Spread seeds thinly and cover in fine soil – in sunlight (Mar-July). Copious nectar for bees. Use flowers in cold drinks (Pimms for example?) Sow by 08/14 Bumper number of seeds to make a nectar nook of flowers for bees – (av 150 seeds)


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