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Medibifidus Friendly Bacteria -
honey enriched!

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Honey & Rose Cream

Your busy life deserves to be cherished.
Bee Activ
bio active herbal honey
redbee instant energ-ee
Bee Better
Honeybee Pollen Sprinkles
Phacelia and Borage Seeds
Pet Aid
Chocolate Honey Bees
Honey Showergel
Honey Conditioner
Honey Shampoo
Honey handwash
Honey handwash
Honey/Aloe Vera Deep Moisturiser
Honey/Aloe Vera Deep Moisturiser
Baby Bee
Vita Collagen
Royal Jelly
medi bee propolis
medi bee propolis soothers
bees in need seed wild flower seed matts
honey plus replenish and reveal body lotion
honey plus replenish and reveal body lotion
Bee male
bioactive honey gift set with honey twizzler
troway hall's famous honey
your health - how bees can help booklet
wooden honey twizzlers
your health - how bees can help booklet
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medi bee hayfever capsules
brother adams pure botanical honey

Bee-Activ Capsules

Assist your metabolism especially formulated to help with strenuous exercise

Bee-Better Capsules

Medibee Pollen Sprinkles

Too many over refined / over processed foods? Medibee Pollen Sprinkles are the answer

Phacelia & Borage Seeds

Easy to grow- Heavenly to watch - Bees galore on tip Top Bee Flowers from the "Queen Bee's Own Choice" of seeds........

Royal Jelly Capsules

Bioactive Honey

Medibee Bee Bio-Active Honey has natural intrinsic properties and such an awsome taste and yet is only half or a third of the price of rival brands. Each jar costs only £9.50

XMAS Teddy Honey Pots

Quality honey in a cuddly pot.

New - Chocolate Honey Bees

New - Bee Fresh Honey Showergel

New - Supershine Honey Conditioner

New - Deep Cleanse Honey Shampoo

New - Aromatique Honey Handwash

'Scalp Sure'Honey & Propolis Shampoo

New - Honey/Aloe Vera Deep Moisturiser

Honey & Propolis Handwash

Baby Bee

Baby Bee Cream Honey and pollen Total Care Cream.

Vita Collagen Tablets

Marine collagen, Vitamin C and Vitamin E - 9 out of 10 cats approve!

Red Bee Instant energ-ee!
Caffeinated Pollen

redbee replenishes – your alertness –
your sharpness – your reactions –
you can rely on redbee!

Bee-MALE Capsules

Specially formulated for men! See testimonials

Propolis Skin Cream

Medibee antibacterial Propolis Skin Cream - beats many expensive rivals on skin problems on the face, arms and legs.See what people are saying on

Propolis Essence &Capsules

Taken orally or Essence to be swabbed on affected area

Propolis & Vitamin C Sootherss

Keep the spring in your step by taking these little soothers daily

Bees In Need Seed Patches

Contains two good sized seed patches whose flowers bees will love and hang around for weeks

Honey Plus Body Lotion

Replenish and revive every tender part of your body...

Honey/Lavender Handwash

Such a striking smell of field of lavender.

Honey Hand Cream

Delicious to smell
delectable to apply

Honey Night Cream

Beats other more expensive rivals

FOOT FRESH CREAM – for Very Weary and T–i–r–e–d Tootsies

Effective against hard skin – with peppermint to envigorate 'tired tootsies'

Honey Soap

Creamy and so fragrant

Wooden Honey Twizzer

Propolis Soap

Teenagers delight – for oily and problematic skin

Natural Bioactive Honey Gift Pack

is a stunner of Natural Products.
Honey wooden twizzler handmade by our forester – you have a unique present for any occasion!

Clear Borage Honey – the Roman's favourite

New - Pet Aid

Whether feather or fur, Pet Aid Cream sooths and helps

New - Pollen colour Guide

Propolis Lip Balm
Essential for soft lips

propolis soap
Honey Night Cream
Foot Tresh Cream
lip balm
Honey Hand cream
Propolis Skin Cream
honey soap

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